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Brand Positioning

smith&hsu, the Animated Creator of Contemporary Tea Culture

smith&hsu embodies the fusion of Eastern and Western tea traditions, curating a rich and diverse tea world. With over a hundred carefully selected premium teas sourced from renowned tea gardens worldwide, smith&hsu offers a unique tea experience with each blend bearing its distinct tea character.

At the heart of our brand lies the passion for creating exceptional tea delights. From the signature Cream Tea featuring the renowned scone to an extensive array of tea types, including Black, Flavored, Blend, Fruit, Herbal, Green, Oolong, and Pu'er, every sip is a journey of flavors and stories.

Innovation and meticulous material selection are the cornerstones of our self-designed utensils. From teapots, cups, and infusers to tea canisters, plates, and trays, our creations merge modern simplicity with time-honored craftsmanship. With our designer's creative spark and the artisans' dedication, the result is an enchanting fusion of art and functionality.

smith&hsu's modern tea houses, characterized by a blend of minimal elegance and coziness, invite tea enthusiasts to revel in an animated ambiance. Here, people come together to savor teas, exchange ideas, and share dreams. The tea tasting rituals and vibrant social interactions paint a captivating scene, where the beauty of tea culture comes alive.

With each visit, smith&hsu aspires to awaken self-appreciation and heighten sensory awareness. Through our Icon mark tea evaluation process and the meticulous presentation of tea delights, customers embark on an immersive journey of self-discovery and appreciation for tea's essence.

smith&hsu strives to inspire a new generation of tea lovers, igniting an eternal flame that celebrates the timeless charm of tea and its boundless cultural significance. As contemporary tea culture's animated creator, we embrace the past and present, crafting a tea narrative that transcends borders and connects people from all walks of life. Experience the world of smith&hsu, where tea culture comes to life in all its animated splendor.

The Origin of the Brand name

The name "smith&hsu" originates from the combination of two distinct surnames, symbolizing the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures.

"Smith" is one of the most typical surnames in England, originally denoting a metalworker during the Bronze Age. It has been commonly used among English and Irish descendants and represents Western history and culture.

"Hsu" (許) is a traditional Taiwanese surname, ranking 20th in the Hundred Family Surnames. It carries the meanings of "allowance" and "expectation." It symbolizes elements of the East.

By linking these two timeless surnames with the "&" symbol, the name "smith&hsu" accurately embodies the core focus of the brand—merging Eastern and Western cultures, traditions, and contemporary lifestyles. It serves as a bridge connecting tea culture from the East and the West, celebrating the rich heritage of tea while embracing the spirit of innovation and creativity in the modern era.

Brand Story

In the realm of smith&hsu, time and tea intertwine, giving birth to a tale that transcends cultures. It all began with a profound childhood connection to tea, where the founder witnessed his father's mining days and his grandmother's hair wash ritual with tea leaves and tea hoops ("hsu" in Mandarin). Little did he know that these seemingly ordinary moments would sow the seeds for a tea brand that would bridge the gap between the East and the West.

As fate would have it, smith&hsu embarked on a journey that led to encounters with renowned international tea and coffee brands, fueling a passion for the enchantment of tea. The dream of establishing a tea brand became a reality, and smith&hsu was born.

With a resolute focus on quality, smith&hsu curates an exquisite selection of teas sourced from renowned tea estates worldwide, offering over a hundred unique flavors. Each tea, with its own "tea code," embodies distinct characters that resonate with tea enthusiasts.

Beyond tea, smith&hsu delves into the culinary realm, blending culture with delectable creations. From freshly-made sandwiches and salads to the iconic cream tea, every dish is a testament to the rich heritage of afternoon tea culture. Using top-notch materials and innovative designs, smith&hsu crafts its own line of tableware and utensils, reflecting a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics.

Within each carefully crafted smith&hsu modern tea house, five core elements harmonize to create an atmosphere of simplicity and elegance. And at the heart of it all lies "people" – customers and the dedicated smith&hsu team. Their interactions breathe life into the space, turning it into a vibrant haven for tea lovers. The animated narratives woven by people, as they bond over tea and share stories, paint a mesmerizing tableau – a contemporary masterpiece of tea culture.

In this realm of "beauty," smith&hsu aspires to be more than just a tea brand. It seeks to cultivate a sanctuary where tea enriches lives, and where the magic of tea resonates with generations to come. In the years ahead, perhaps an artist will capture the essence of smith&hsu's contemporary tea culture, much like Renoir did with "The Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette," passing down the allure of tea to the next era. This is the essence of smith&hsu – a realm of tea, where moments and memories merge, and tea speaks the language of the soul.

Our Essence

of smith&hsu

  • Embracing Traditions, Celebrating Fusion: smith&hsu honors the timeless origins of tea in the East, while embracing the enriching developments of Western tea culture. We blend the best of both worlds to create a tea experience that transcends boundaries and bridges cultures.
  • Craftsmanship and Innovation: With a passion for excellence, we infuse every aspect of our brand with craftsmanship and innovation. From hand-picked premium teas to uniquely designed tableware, we strive to delight your senses with a truly exceptional tea journey.
  • Authenticity in Creativity: At smith&hsu, we cherish authenticity and embrace creativity. Our contemporary expression of tea culture blends the authentic craftsmanship of the past with fresh and imaginative designs, giving you an authentic and inspiring tea experience.
  • Uniting Tea Lovers: More than just a brand, smith&hsu is a vibrant community of tea lovers. We create spaces where connections are forged over shared moments of joy, enriching your tea journey with warmth and camaraderie.
  • Empowering through Tea: Our mission is to empower you through the art of tea appreciation. Discover yourself and connect with the world around you as you savor the beauty and tranquility that tea brings to your life.

Welcome to smith&hsu, where the heart of tea culture beats in every sip, and the spirit of togetherness flourishes. Join us in a soulful journey through the world of tea.

Brand Core Five Elements

【Tea】Awakens Self-Appreciation of Sensory Abilities

With a focus on the eight main tea categories, smith&hsu continuously curates a diverse selection of over a hundred premium teas from renowned tea gardens worldwide. Each tea has its unique "tea number," symbolizing its distinctive character. smith&hsu understands the tea's essence, expertly pairing water temperature, quantity, and steeping time to bring out the pure and genuine flavor of the tea. Red, flavored, blended, fruit, floral, green, oolong, and pu-erh teas are sourced globally, with production taking place in both Taiwan and Germany. Through the hands of skilled artisans in the tea industry, the life of each leaf, flower, and herb is brought to its fullest potential. Every aspect of material, form, and craftsmanship is pursued to perfection, fully capturing the essence of each tea. It is an acknowledgment that tea is more than just tea.

At smith&hsu stores, experience the five-step professional tea-tasting process activated by the Icon mark: inspect the dry leaves, observe the water color, smell the aroma, taste the flavor, and evaluate the infused leaves. Awaken your sensory abilities through this tea-tasting journey! Upon entering, you'll be presented with an awe-inspiring tasting platter featuring all eight tea categories from around the world. Dive into the vast tea world, indulging in this luxurious experience. Bringing together over a hundred teas from eight different categories in a single tasting platter is no easy feat!

【Food】Incorporating Culturally Enriched Delicacies

【Tea】Originated in the East, but it was the West that popularized and elevated the culture of afternoon tea, and smith&hsu pays homage to this tradition. Apart from freshly made sandwiches and salads, the cream tea stands out as a classic representation, with the scone as its soulful star item! Whether it's cream tea or afternoon tea, they epitomize the essence of Western tea social culture. Using high-quality and fresh ingredients, smith&hsu delicately crafts their tea treats, embracing a spirit of nature while ensuring both taste and health. The SCONE, an English delicacy, is the cornerstone of British tea culture. Since the opening day in 2007, the smith&hsu team has meticulously followed their exclusive recipe, meticulously undergoing over 30 steps from portioning to kneading, to bake scones that are crispy on the outside, soft and fragrant on the inside, and beloved by gourmets worldwide! The cream tea set comprises warm scones, imported clotted cream from the UK, jam, and authentic tea - these four elements create the essence of cream tea. To present an authentic British Cream Tea Set, smith&hsu goes the extra mile to import traditional British fresh cream, jam, and teas from around the world. Their dedication is to ensure you taste something truly unique. With continuous research and meticulous attention, smith&hsu aims to offer you food that is not only delicious but also safe and uniquely delightful.

【TEA TOOLS】A Harmony of Strength and Gentleness in Humanistic Exhibition

【Utensils】Innovated utensils are another core value of smith&hsu! The tableware, utensils, and products on the shelves used by customers in the store are all self-developed and designed by smith&hsu. Innovation and material selection are often the focus of smith&hsu's research and design, with a primary emphasis on innovation and simplicity, carefully selecting suitable materials as a support, and breaking through conventional thinking to design utensils that belong to the new generation! The product series include teapots, cups, small metalware, warmers, tea canisters, dinner plates, trays, etc., with materials ranging from stainless steel, glass, porcelain, red clay, magnesia porcelain, purple clay, and more. In addition, convenience, smoothness, aesthetics, and other functions are also carefully considered by the designers, so when you use the utensils that combine the creativity of top designers with the craftsmanship of traditional artisans, you can experience occasional surprises brought by the finishing touches and hidden details!

【Spaces】The most inspiring places touched by original and authentic designs.

Spaces are an integral part of the smith&hsu brand. In each carefully crafted modern tea house, the five core elements come together to create a simple and elegant ambiance, making smith&hsu a sacred sanctuary that tea lovers cannot afford to miss.

【People】Unique and one-of-a-kind, the animated creators of contemporary tea culture.

When stepping into any smith&hsu store, you will undoubtedly discover that the most precious element within each uniquely designed space is [People]! People, including both customers and all members of the smith&hsu team, bring life to the environment through their interactions. Our daily goal is to create a vibrant tea haven where tea culture is celebrated. Whether it's the passionate smith&hsu partners who have a profound understanding of tea culture and eagerly share it with tea enthusiasts, or the customers who engage in conversations, exchange thoughts, and share dreams during the tea tasting experience. In their diverse states, they paint a beautiful picture of emotional and joyous social interactions, weaving a unique and animated portrayal. People immersed in this state of "beauty" are shaping the blueprint for the next century of tea culture! Perhaps, in a few years, someone will create a painting similar to Renoir's "Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette," depicting smith&hsu's contemporary tea culture, passing it on to the next generation, and experiencing the charm of tea.